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Ten features of Runshare electrical scissor lift
Update date:2015/6/26 16:08:48 readed:


    1. Safety certification:In line with EN280 standard, achieved CE certification.

    2. Runshare self-propelled scissor platform can be walked at high and low speed in different working state.Only one person in aerial work can operate the machine and continuously finish the action of lifting, going forward and backward, and steering,compared with the traditional hydraulic platform, it greatly improved work efficiency and reduces the number of person and labor’s intensity.This is especially suitable for large range of continuous aerial work situation, such as airport terminals, railway stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, factories,etc.

    3. The level alarm is installed on the machine.when the full-tilt overs 3 deg, the machine will enter the protection system automatically,only by lowering the machine to a safe state, can it be used as normal.Scissor platform is equipped with pipeline protection system in the cylinder.

    4. CVT feature: The scissor lift can be operated by one person, all actions is controlled by the joystick on the platform, and the motor is CVT. It effectively extends the work life of battery and motor.

    5. Runshare scissor lift adopts the tires differential turning system, which makes the machine with excellent flexibility.

    6. It adopts the disc brake system. The wheel is always in the braking state and can be reliable braking at 6 degree slope when the machine is stopped.

    7. Intelligent charging system:The platform is equipped with fully automatic charger. It automates the entire process of charging and will stop while the battery is fully charged.

    8.  self-diagnostic function:  The product has the self-diagnostic function. Customer can grasp the status of machine timely to make better maintenance for the equipment.

    9.  Environmentally friendly:Because of the DC battery power, the machine makes low noise and no emission when working which can be used in indoor and outdoor occasion.

    10. The machine is provided with emergency descent system.

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