Great success of Runshare in 117th China Export Commodity Fair Canton Fair

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  Canton fair has been the largest trade fair of China that attracts hundreds of thousands overseas buyers since its established in 1957.

Great success of Runshare in 117th China Export Commodity Fair Canton Fair

  As a booming developing enterprise, it’s honorable for Runshare to have opportunity to set up business relations with customer all over the world. Three hot-sell scissor lifts which are electric-driven has been exhibited on the fair, is suitable for the workshop, warehouse, indoor places such as hotels, good stability, have fast walking speed conversion function, can meet the requirements of a variety of work environment. At the same time, these products can be 90 ° steering wheel spin, can choose high speed walking, in the narrow space can also be used, and the key components in the device's surface galvanized processing, make it has strong corrosion resistance. In addition, these products also took the tray on both sides of the chassis can spin out, easy to maintenance inspection and replacement, folding table railings or disassembly, reduce the height of the machine, easy to transport and place through the doorway, etc.

  "To the shear fork aerial work platform as the starting point to enter the national machinery manufacturing, construction industry, mainly on the product market prospect." Shipped to heavy industry, managing ZuJun said that due to the impact of the international financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry into the trough, shipped to heavy industry in vigorously into the domestic market is currently strategic entry strategy. Learned to heavy industry, has developed a special development plan and specific implementation plan, including positioning high-end products technology development route, configuration, rich spectrum planning, also includes a series of highly targeted, flexible combination of business terms, etc. In 2015, sky is the limit for Runshare.