1. human resource

Production planner

Production Planning/Material Management (PMC)

1. Technical secondary school or above

2. Familiar with technology and machinery manufacturing industry

3. Good coordination ability and overall planning ability

Location: Lingang New District, Yueyang City


1. Women first

2.College degree or above

3. Mechanical major is preferred, familiar with CAD drawings

4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and be careful

Job responsibilities: Collate all kinds of technical data of technical department

Working place: Yueyang (Lingang New District)

Hydraulic technician

Hydraulic design engineer

1. College degree or above, no limitation on gender;

2. Able to operate CAD and 3D drawing software independently and skillfully;

3. Have more than one year working experience;

4. Strong organizational discipline, strong team spirit, obey work arrangement.

Structural engineer

1. College degree or above;

2. Familiar with CAD drawings;

3. Familiar with machinery manufacturing industry;

4. Be proactive.

Location: Lingang Industrial New Area, Yueyang City

Commissioner of Foreign Trade Department


1. Sales management position, responsible for the main goals and plans in the functional areas, and formulate, participate in or assist the upper management to implement relevant policies and systems;

2. Responsible for daily management and management, guidance, training and evaluation of subordinate staff;

3. Establish and optimize the operation process and management system of the company's trading business;

4. Formulated the working objectives and plans of the company's trading business and led the implementation;

5. Collect and sort out relevant market development trends, demand changes and customer feedback data.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in International trade, Foreign Trade English;

At least 2 or 3 years management experience in related field, working experience in foreign company is preferred;

3. Familiar with various trade processes and relevant laws and regulations, familiar with trade terms, logistics, customs clearance and tax knowledge;

4. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in computer office software;

5. Familiar with construction machinery is preferred.

6. Good management, communication and problem solving skills, good negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance.

Contact: Miss Jin

E-mail: 68821431

Working place: Yunxiang Industrial Park near Lingbo Lake Community, Lingang New District, Yueyang, Hunan