The simulation research on Runshare scissor aerial work platform

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Runshare self- propelled scissor aerial work platform which is widely used is a kind of engineering vehicle. Its main function is to enable workers to work at height by lifting workers and equipments or a certain weight of goods to the intended height with the help of scissor platform mechanics. New the type of  Runshare electrical self-propelled scissor aerial work platform using frequency conversion hydraulic technology has become a new direction of the development because of its advantages, such as clean and environmentally friendly, energy saving, easy to control, high reliability and so on. Based on a self-development project of Runshare electrical self-propelled scissor aerial work platform of an enterprise, we took the electrical self-propelled scissor aerial work platform as the research object.

The core technology of frequency conversion hydraulic technology, that is induction motor vector control technology, was studied and mechanical, electrical control and hydraulic system of the electrical self-propelled scissor aerial work platform were researched based on virtual prototyping technology.

Firstly, the induction motor vector control was analyzed and its dynamic mathermatical model was established, a kind of induction motor speed regulation system using slip frequency vector control was built based on the dynamic mathematical model, and then the speed regulation system’s simulation model was built and simulated with Simulink software and Simpower systems simulation toolbox.

Secondly, the mechanical dynamic model of Runshare scissor platform mechanism was built with the SimMechanics simulation toolbox and the displacement, velocity and acceleration curves of the platform and the force curve of the lifting cylinder were obtained through simulation.

Finally, based on the retional simplification of the hydraulic systems, the simulation model was built with Simhydraulics simulation toolbox and the simulation about dynamics performance was analyzed.