Control Of Runshare Aerial Platform Vehicle Operat

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Control Of Runshare Aerial Platform Vehicle Operating Arm Based on the Flexible Multi-body Dynamics.

The foldingboom aerial platform vehicle (FBAPV) is aspecial aerial work Machine used to hoist staff and tools, materials, etc. To the appointed location in the Aerial or a variety of installation and maintenance, which have been widely used for all Walks of life. With the rapid development of economic and technology, the FBAPV performance requirements of high security and high operating efficiency are higher and higher, and then the Runshare FBAPV is becoming high-speed, high-precision and light.The Study confined to the rigidity range of the arm does not take into account the impact of flexibility on the dynamic performance of the entire system, which can not meet the performance requirements of the light flexible aerial vehicle arm system, the dynamics and control theory and methods of a new generation of Runshare aerial work vehicle which has Light flexible arm has caused great concern.

Control Of Runshare Aerial Platform Vehicle Operat

The nonlinear dynamic equations of flexible arms of the FBAPV were deduced based on Lagrange theory,and then, the strong coupling and nonlinear dynamics of the System were analyzed, and some important structural of flexible arms were analyzed Comparatively by Runshare technology R&D team. Depending on the difference of the vibration characteristics, the system Was divided into two parts: one was control design for arm positioning and vibration suppressing, the other was control design for work platform swing.

For the first part of system, the rigid coordinates and elastic coordinates of the Flexible multi-body dynamics equation were decoupled based on the singular Perturbation theory, and the system were decomposed into slowly varying system and fast variable system. Fuzzy PID control was designed to track the manipulator and linear quadratic optimal control was designed to suppress the elastic vibration.

For the second part of system, the swing of work platform can be regard as large low-frequency oscillation which caused by the driving torque, to suppress this type of vibration, OLIS feedback control system has been designed without affecting the system architecture, hard ware and stability. The simulation result shows that the OLIS feedback

Control system has very good positioning performance and effectively suppresses the residual vibration of the work platform.